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It's vital to research the prerequisites and recommended subjects for your desired university course. Universities often provide entry requirements on their websites. It's also beneficial to think about what subjects you're passionate about and where your strengths lie. Remember, choosing subjects that you're genuinely interested in can lead to better academic performance.

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The transition involves adapting to a new learning environment, managing increased independence, and handling diverse academic challenges. Start by cultivating strong study habits, time management skills, and becoming more self-reliant in your learning.

Attend university open days or orientation programs and consider joining online forums or groups related to your chosen university to get first-hand information from current students.

Most high schools offer resources like study workshops, academic counselling sessions, and library resources. You can also ask your teachers to provide additional materials or recommend learning strategies. If you feel that these resources aren't sufficient or if you're looking for tailored strategies, AirMentor can connect you with a mentor who can share their tried-and-true study methods.

If you're facing challenges in a particular subject, the first step is to speak to your teacher. They can offer guidance, additional resources, or clarify difficult topics.

You might also consider hiring a tutor, joining study groups, or leveraging online platforms that focus on the subject. Sometimes, understanding a subject better can come from hearing it explained in a different way or from a different perspective.

If you are needing extra guidance with a particular subject book a session within our tutoring partner AirTutor.